Did you know that A man managed to bend a burning car’s door with his bare hands…


The day was saved by Bob Renning – a real-life Superman from Minnesota.

Image Source: Minnesota State Patrol/Facebook
Image Source: Minnesota State Patrol/Facebook

Mr. Renning spotted a burning car on a motorway in Minnesota and immediately threw himself the uneasy task of saving the doomed driver’s life. As Renning tried to get out the driver, he realized the car’s doors were locked and there was no getting in. He grabbed the hot door frame at the top and somehow managed to bend it to such degrees that the door’s window shattered into pieces. The man was able to pull the driver through the window and thus saved his life. The local police arrived at the scene shortly after Rennings saved Michael Johannes from the burning vehicle. One of the officers, Zachary Hill, told the media that Renning’s actions were extremely brave and unhuman alike.


He bent the car’s door using nothing but his bare hands. According to him, he doesn’t have the slightest idea on how he managed to do it, since he’s not the athletic type. 


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