Did you know that a man memorized game patterns to win over $100k in a…


„Press My Luck” was a popular TV show aired on CBS between 1983 and 1986. According to the rules, contestants have to answer trivia questions in order to win spins. Then, the spins were used on a game board to win various prices and cash.


Paul Michael Larson is probably the most famous contestant in the game who won $110,237 in both prizes and cash. It was the largest prize won in a single day at that time. However, Larson’s win was not based on just his great luck. In fact, the man took some time to prepare himself for the game. He started recording all aired episodes of the game and found out that the indicator on the board didn’t have random movements but instead it moved in five different patterns.


Larson used a VCR to pause the recordings in order to study the patterns. This way he learnt how to hit squares on the board that give him cash or prizes and to avoid squares that take all his winnings away. Armed with this knowledge, the man won over $110,000.


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