Did You Know That A Man Mounted His iPod Nano Into His..


David Huban, a body piercer, has shocked the whole world with one of his latest creations.
Apparently, he liked his iPod Nano so much that he decided to stick it to his skin. Well, gluing it probably would have been less painful. What David Huban did was put dermal implants in order to always carry his iPod with him.

Screenshot from 2013-09-22 14:15:35
He placed a backer under his skin with a stud, sticking out of his flesh. The four magnets on his left wrist let him carry the device around just like a strapless watch. He leaked a video documenting the whole process on the Internet . What shocks us even more is the fact that he did the implanting all by himself. We can only imagine how painful this extreme body modification must have been.
It appears that our tech toys have made such a huge difference in our lives nowadays, that we can’t separate from them. Literally, in David’s case.


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