Did You Know That A man Once Deposited a Junk Mail Check Into An ATM As A Joke And It Was Accepted…


We all know how junk mail works. You get the letter, but you never get the money it says you would.


However, about a decade ago a guy who received a junk mail check for $95,093.35 really got the money. Patrick Combs, the man whose name was written on the check, knew this kind of junk mail wasn’t a real check. Nevertheless, he decided he could still check it out, just for fun.

And so he did. Then he walked away from the ATM with a smile, knowing he would never get a cent out of that check. Imagine his surprise when the bank called him and three weeks later Combs received the money!


Combs figured the junk mail company would come looking for the money, so he put it in a deposit box to keep it safe. Guess again! Combs was even more surprised when the bank called instead of the junk mail company! And since it was the bank’s mistake, Combs got to keep the money after all!


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