Did You Know That A Man Once Sued Bud Light Beer For Failing To Get Beautiful….


Most men are keen on watching TV beer commercials that feature hot sandy beaches with beautiful young women getting tanned there. This dream scene is complemented by the cool guy drinking beer while mingling with all the ladies, of course. All of this is acknowledged just as a fantasy by regular people who tend to watch the TV ads and move on.
However, in the case of Richard Overton this did not happen. In 1991 he filed a lawsuit against the Bud Light beer manufacturer Anheuser-Busch claiming he should be paid $10,000. The arguments of the man were that he was misled by the TV commercials that he could easily get involved with similar looking beautiful ladies just by drinking more and more of the beer. When the lonely Richard was disappointed by the “magical” capabilities of the beer that were depicted in the TV ads he claimed to have suffered from mental injuries complemented by a financial loss and an emotional setback.

It’s pointless to mention that in the end the case was fully dismissed by the judge.


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