Did You Know That A Man Ordered A Pizza Just To Rob….


When most criminals plan to commit a robbery of any kind they would typically pick a job located the furthest away from where they actually reside. However, this works in cases when the criminal in question is not too lazy to leave the house.

Image Source: Tuscaloosa Police Department
Image Source: Tuscaloosa Police Department

Recently, the police officers arrested the alleged thief Michael Antonio Long, aged 20, after discovering compelling evidence in the form of empty pizza boxes in his trailer. Apparently, Michael and a bunch of his buddies had the amazing idea of ordering pizza to be delivered exactly to the address where he lived – in a trailer park in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


Long and his buddies confronted the poor unsuspecting delivery guy and robbed him of his wallet, several boxes of hot pizza and two apple pies. Luckily, the delivery guy had the chance to take a good look of the alleged criminals and was able to give adequate descriptions to the police. Later, after an extremely quick and easy search the officers found Long inside his trailer while he was eating the stolen pizza. He was arrested and sent to the Tuscaloosa County Jail for committing a first degree robbery.


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