Did You Know That A Man Quit His Job And Now Makes A Living By Suing…


Years ago while Dan Balsam was still working in the field of marketing he began to receive too many “spam” e-mails. From ads for plastic surgery to ridiculously cheap vacation offers to “1 million $ Prize winnings”. He got really fed up with all of it and decided to do something really impactful about the e-mail spam situation. Then he quit his job and enrolled in law school. After graduating in 2008 he immediately launched his own website called and began to sue every company in the US that practiced cold calls.


By now, besides all the criticism from his lawyer colleagues, he has featured over 50 success stories on his website and prides himself in winning over a million bucks in settlements and fees.


Mr. Balsam truly believes that by making a stand and actually doing something really straight-forward about the unforgiving spam attacks, he was able to reduce the spam e-mails in the whole Internet overall.


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