Did You Know That A Man Returned Home Only To Find His Parents Laying Flowers At His Own …


Two years ago Jaroslaw Carolinski from Siedliska, Poland left his home without notifying his parents. They just assumed their 38-year-old son had gone abroad to seek employment and couldn’t call right away.


However, not long after that the Polish police officers discovered a dead body in the wilderness near the Polish Ukrainian border. The authorities as well as the parents of Jaroslaw wrongly identified the deceased and mistook him for the missing man. The grieving parents were convinced they have lost their son forever.

Eventually, Jaroslaw decided to come home only to find his devastated parents mourning for him and placing flowers on his own grave. His mother almost had a heart attack when her son suddenly appeared in front of them with the words “Hello, mum and dad. I’m back”. Naturally, the parents were extremely happy and shocked at the same time to see him alive and well.


The authorities are currently investigating who actually was buried in Jaroslaw’s grave.


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