Did you know that A man saved a crocodile and the two became inseparable best…


This is the story of Chito Shedden, a Costa Rican fisherman, who saved the life of a dying crocodile named Pocho and then the two of them became inseparable best friends.

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

Back in 1992 Chito found a dying crocodile in the Reventazon River in Costa Rica. The man saved the crocodile and took after him until the reptile was healthy enough to go back into the wilderness. Chito tried releasing Pocho in a nearby river, but the reptile followed Chito back home and refused to leave the premises. Instead of going back to his natural habitat, the crocodile became the man’s best friend. For 20 years the two of them lived together and performed various tricks at numerous gigs and shows. The strange besties would swim, kiss, hug and even “dance” together as part of their performances. The 5 meter long creature didn’t bother the man at all. In fact, Chito felt the croc as part of his family.


The man was so inseparable from his strange best friend that his wife even left him. Chito eventually found another woman, who didn’t have anything against his friendship with Pocho, and remarried. The fact that Pocho would come to Chito whenever the man called him and that he would allow him to touch him made it clear for Chito that he could train the croc. The dancing routines the reptile and the man performed didn’t go unnoticed and their friendship was widely covered by the media. The duo remained inseparable till the end of Pocho’s life. The crocodile died in October 2011 in the waters surrounding Chito’s home. The croc’s cause of death was ruled out to be of natural causes and the reptile had a human-like funeral. Nowadays he’s stuffed and he’s being exhibited at the town museum in Siquirres, Costa Rica.


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