This Man Shared His Own ‘Wanted’ Photo On Facebook And Got Arrested Within The Hour

The police officers these days, especially those from the Freeland Police Department in Pennsylvania, seem to enjoy capturing public offenders by using the power of social media. Here is the story of one not very bright wanted person named Anthony James Lescowitch Jr.

According to police reports Lescowitch was one of the four men charged with the assault of an unarmed civilian on Ridge Street in Freeland in July last year. The Pennsylvania man had been evading the cops since November 2013. Eventually he got captured recently in a unique way.

Lescowitch decided to mock the cops after they posted his wanted bulletin on their Facebook page. He shared his own wanted picture on his personal Facebook profile and wrote some profanities for the cops to see. Some of his friends wished him good luck and jokingly commented about giving him a ride to the station.

What he didn’t know was that a female undercover police officer named T.J. Rentschler would begin chatting with him. She quickly managed to set up a meeting for a drink and bait the criminal. Just 45 minutes after Lescowitch reposted his wanted bulletin he was captured by the police when he attended the meeting with what he believed was an attractive young woman. 

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Now a lot of people are wondering how come he got caught after commenting on his own Facebook Wanted Poster. Well, the explanation is pretty simple:

In order to go online every ISP (Internet Service Provider) is giving their client an unique IP (Internet Protocol) address. Some IP addresses can be static and some dynamic. It all depends on you and your contract. It doesn’t really matter if you IP is static or dynamic. Every IP address is associated with a physical location (example address). When you login to your profile (it doesn’t matter if it’s Viber, Twitter, FB and son on you are leaving a fingerprint of the device and the IP address you are using, All the information is kept in logs and provided when requested by authorities.

Now, here is the other question “What about if you are using your mobile phone with mobile data?”. The explanation is simple here as well. When you activate you phone mobile data it takes from the mobile provider unique dynamic IP address. This IP address can’t be associated with exact physical location since most likely you are on the move. That’s why the mobile operator can triangulate your phone (Read More about triangulation HERE) which is going to show them your approximate location. It depends on where you are, but most like it will be accurate within a couple hundred feet which is enough to get caught.

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