Did you know that a man spent a night in a guitar case after getting…


As Christmas approaches, the weather temperatures are rapidly dropping all around the world. Winter may seem captivating and charming, but it’s not ideal for traveling, especially if you tend to get lost easily.


Metro news reported of Zackery Aders’ near death experience. The 31 year old man was travelling on a trek to Checotah, Oklahoma when he got lost somewhere on the 26-mile journey. While Aders was walking over a frozen lake, the icy surface gave away under the man’s weight and he fell in the icy water. In order to stay alive, he took off his soaking wet clothes and jumped into his guitar case. The next day some farmers found him while they were checking on the cattle. According to police reports, Aders was wearing only his shorts and he couldn’t even speak.


The man was taken to a local hospital in order to receive treatment. Fortunately, he was able to walk away without any life threatening permanent injuries.


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