Did you know that a man stole a girl's car on their fi….


You might think you can top the charts of Worst First Date Ever, but don’t rush to conclusions, unless you’ve dated Terrance McCoy.


Several official reports state that McCoy, a Detroit man in his late 20s, got jailed for 2 years after giving a girl the worst first date of her life. The man took his then-27 year old date to a Buffalo Wild Wings in Ferndale, Michigan. The unnamed woman from Southfield, Michigan, had driven McCoy to the restaurant so it only seemed legit to her to give him her car keys when he told her he had left his wallet in her car. Unfortunately, the man dashed out on the woman after getting into her vehicle. Not only did he leave the check to her, but he also stole her car. According to Terri Antisdale, McCoy’s defense lawyer, the man was actually a decent guy who decided to make a bad decision on a first date.


Talk about a date from Hell!


Written by Patrick Bennet

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