Did you know that a man got stuck in a McDonald's baby chair and…


When it comes to McDonald’s, some people tend to get extremely ardent. However, others just get childish and end up on the news.

source: imgur
source: imgur

A grown man from Cork, Ireland got stuck in a McDonald’s baby high seat after he decided the seat would fit him perfectly. He had to face unimpressed police officers for an undisclosed period of time before the officers helped him get off the chair. Fortunately for the man, he didn’t face any charges, although a witness managed to snap a picture of the hilarious situation and was convinced the Irish man had been tipsy, to say the least. The man may have gotten away without charges, but he surely gained huge internet popularity and made a fool of himself in front of thousands of people after the photograph was uploaded to the online image hosting website Imgur.


Apparently not everyone’s aware of the fact that high baby chairs are purposely made for toddlers only.


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