Did You Know That A Man Sued Himself For Damaging….


Once a man named Curtis Gokey was involved in a traffic accident. His car got smashed by a dump truck that was backing up in reverse gear. The driver of the truck obviously did not see at all that there was a car behind it and wasn’t able to foresee the impact.


Mr. Gokey then decided to make an official claim and sue the city for the caused damages on his vehicle. The interesting fact in this case was that Mr. Gokey himself was driving the dump truck and he had unintentionally hit his own personal vehicle. Shockingly, that “minor” fact could not prevent Mr. Gokey from suing the city for $3,600 even after confessing he was responsible for the car crash.

The city denied his outrageous claim because the man was in fact suing himself. However, the denial did not stop Mr. Gokey from contemplating a new master plan, this time with his wife Rhonda. The married couple decided to give rise to a new lawsuit under Rhonda’s name, this time for $4,800.


Regardless of the city’s attorney arguments that Rhonda Gokey can’t file a lawsuit against her own husband as the two are one entity, the married woman insists that a city vehicle damaged her own private car. The second claim is currently pending at the Lodi City Hall.


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