Did you know that a man sued Pepsi when he found a mouse in his Mountain Dew. Pepsi…


You might find it hard to believe, but Pepsi’s popular Mountain Dew can not only kill a mouse, but it can also dissolve it! It all started a few years ago when Ronald Ball, a worker in his early 50s, bought a can of Mountain Dew from a vending machine in his office’s building in St. Louis, Missouri, US. When the 54 year old Ball opened the soft fizzy drink and took a sip he felt an instant sickening. He poured the rest of the drink in a cup and realized there was a dead mouse in his Mountain Dew. He complained to Pepsi Co. and even filed a lawsuit against them.

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It all happened back in 2008, although the lawsuit was still pending in 2012. As it turned out, Pepsi made a desperate attempt to get rid of the lawsuit by claiming that their Mountain Dew can kill off and dissolve a mouse. A vet expert was hired to examine the dead mouse and the contents of the fizzy drink. The expert, Lawrence McGill, said that the Mountain Dew contains such acid that it would be fatal for rodents. In fact, he explained that if a rodent was exposed to Mountain Dew for 4 to 7 days, its bones, abdominal structure and cranial cavity would rupture. In fact, he stated that the only part of the mouse, which would be somewhat intact during 4 to 7 days would be part of its tail!

It became clear that Mr. Ball had opened his can of Pepsi a total of 74 days after it had been manufactured. McGill stated that a mouse would have been dissolved in the Mountain Dew by the 30th day after its initial submerging. By the 74th day it would have looked nothing like a mouse and something like a jelly and gooey substance. McGill also stated that the dead rodent was less than 4 weeks old and that it was already dead when it had entered the can of Pepsi.


Think about this next time you reach towards a can of Pepsi’s Mountain Dew!


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