Did You Know That A Man Was Deemed An Unfit Parent After He Refused To Take His Son To…


Living in a world where obesity is becoming a strong factor in our lives, McDonald’s, KFC and other fast food restaurants are the guilty pleasure which many of us can’t resist. However, when it comes to children McDonald’s is more like the Holy Grail. Reportedly, a court psychologist claimed a man was an unfit parent since the latter refused to take his own kid to McDonald’s for dinner. David Schorr, the parent who is also an attorney, wanted to take his 4 year old son to Corner Café instead but the kid made it pretty clear he wanted to go to McDonald’s.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Schorr refused and offered his son to go anywhere else but McDonald’s. The child decided not to have a dinner at all if it couldn’t be at the fast food restaurant. Unfortunately for Schorr, a court psychologist who was assigned to Schorr’s custody battle with his wife told the judge that Schorr was an unfit parent. As a response, the infuriated man slapped the psychologist with a defamation lawsuit.


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