This Man Was Given The Heart Of A Suicide Victim And Married His Widow Only To Kill Himself In The Same Way 12 Years Later

Life sometimes may make you go through the most misfortunate and tragic experience. Not long time ago a man named Sonny Graham was served with the news he had only 6 months to live due to due to congestive heart failure. When he had almost given up all hope for survival a somewhat controversial miracle happened. He was given a new lease of life when another man named Terry Cottle committed suicide. Cottle left his young wife of four children a widow. Cottle’s heart was a perfect match for Graham, so Graham had undergone a successful transplantation surgery.

Image Source: FACEBOOK Image Source: FACEBOOK

A year later after the surgery Graham contacted the donor organization demanding the contact information of the donor’s family. He wanted to express his utmost gratitude for receiving such a gift. Graham began communicating with Cottle’s widow Cheryl. Eventually, after a few months they both met and fell in love. They got married soon after and moved in together. The most unexpected and tragic turn of events happened 12 years after their marriage. In a bizarrely tragic way Graham decided to end his life in eerily similar circumstances as his donor Cottle. His wife Cheryl became a widow once again.

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