Did You Know That A Man Went To ER For A Headache And It Turned Out He Was Shot In…


45-year-old Michael Moylan, a Florida resident, woke up with an extremely bad headache one morning. Scared he might be having an aneurism, Michael asked his wife April to take him to the hospital. After examining him and finding a bullet lodged behind one of his ears, the doctor informed Michael that, apparently, he had been shot in the head. Although Michael didn’t believe it at first, the bullet was the actual reason for his severe headache.


As soon as the bullet was found behind Michael’s ear, April Moylan left the hospital as fast as she could. She later confessed accidently shooting her husband while he was asleep. April was arrested after the police discovered a gun and rags covered in blood in the Moylans family home in Port St. Lucie.


Michael Moylan remained in hospital care for a further check-up but his life is no longer at risk.


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