Did You Know That A Man Who Got Lost In The Woods Chopped Down Some Power Lines So…


When you get lost in a thick forest the number one rule for survival is to find your bearings. Subsequently, you need to find water, food and shelter. In the best case scenario you need to find a river and follow it downstream to reach salvation.

In the case of a Canadian man stranded in the woods in Northern Saskatchewan he had all the necessary to survive for a few days. The only problem was he was lost and did not have a clue in which direction he should go to save himself.


He was on a boat enjoying his solitude while fishing in the Wollaston lake. The man experienced unexpectedly bad weather and was forced to remain stranded for a number of days in the forest nearby. He hid under his fishing boat and remained there desperate for more than 5 days. The man had no way of communicating with the outside world but he did find a couple of power poles. Then he used his axe to chop them down thus cutting the electricity of the surrounding towns for more than 30 hours.


The man was clever and he knew that the SaskPower crew would eventually locate the problem down the lines, find and rescue him. Although he was able to upset several hundred people who were left without electricity for a few days, the man was eventually rescued and advised next time to simply build a bonfire or a big SOS signal.


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