Did You Know That A Man With Two Hearts Survived A Double….


Cardiologists were able to save the life of a man who had one of the most bizarre heart conditions known to medicine. When the 71-year-old man was admitted to hospital with cardiac and respiratory problems, the doctors were convinced they knew what they were doing. They receive patients with such complaints all the time but not this patient’s case was rather different.


After the initial medical examinations of the 71-year-old male, the doctors noticed his very unusual medical condition. The man had “developed” two hearts and two separate heartbeats. Although he wasn’t born with two hearts he had developed the second one after an earlier heart intervention. The surgery the patient had undergone previously was called heterotropic transplant. It’s basically attaching a healthy new transplant organ to the old diseased one.


When the patient was admitted to hospital the doctors attempted to correct his dysrhythmia (double heartbeat) by subjecting him to a drug therapy. Unfortunately, the drugs made him receive a double heart attack thus shutting down completely both of his hearts at the same time. After that he got revived with the use of a defibrillator and now he is recovering quite well with his two hearts both working properly.


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