Did You Know That A Man Won A $1 Million Lottery Prize Six Times In ….


Back in 2012 a man from Arizona achieved the seemingly impossible against all odds. He won the Arizona Lottery not once but six times in one draw. The lucky jackpot winner bought his tickets for the lottery draws on April 25, 2012 from a QuickTrip store in Glendale, Arizona.


He single-handedly picked the lucky tickets. The winner bought six tickets with identical 5 numbers at the QuickTrip gas station and picked a different Powerball number for each one. After his win the man made all together three different visits to the headquarters of the Arizona Lottery in Phoenix. He needed to sort some issues with the HQ, so he could claim his $6 million prize. His staggering win was later acknowledged by the executive director Jeff Hatch Miller who runs the Arizona Lottery.


The man who won the $6 million also brought luck to the store from which he bought the tickets as it received $30,000 as well. According to the odds of winning a small but significant cash prize in the lottery are 1 in 32 while the odds of grabbing $1 million are 1 in 5,153,633.


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