Did You Know That A Marine Kept His Promise To The Faithful Dog….


Marine Sgt. Ross Gundlach was deployed to Afghanistan where her served as dog handler. While there, Gundlach met a labrador retriever called Casey who became his partner in search of explosives. The two even succeeded in disarming several of them thus saving numerous lives. Gundlach got so attached to Casey that he promised he would find the dog and adopt her if they managed to get out alive.

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A few months after he returned to the US Gundlach found out that Casey had been sent back as well as she had finished her military service. She was now working at the Iowa Fire Marshal’s Office. Gundlach pleaded to them to adopt Casey and the fire marshal allowed him to come and state his case personally. However, Gundlach wasn’t aware that thanks to a local charitable association Casey was already paid for and was waiting for him to collect her. The two former partners had the most loving reunion of all.


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