Did You Know That A Married Man Forged His Divorce Papers To Convince…


There is an old saying which indicates you should never believe what you hear until you see it with your own eyes. This is something a particular woman should have had in mind before trusting her married boyfriend about divorcing his wife.

source: dcdc
source: dcdc

Edward Brown from Summerville , South Carolina decided to single-handedly forge his divorce papers. The 45-year-old man wanted to use them to manipulate his girlfriend into believing he had left his second wife for her. The conniving man obtained the divorce papers from his previous divorce and scanned them. Then Brown used a program similar to Photoshop to switch dates, names, addresses and all the personal information necessary to make the document appear real. Finally, he mailed all the fake documents to his girlfriend and convinced her that his marriage was over.


As Mr. Brown was caught by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED), he is currently facing serious charges for document forgery for up to 3 years in jail plus a substantial fine.


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