Did You Know That A Mercer-Loving Wife Made Her Tennessee Fan Husband Sleep Outside In The Cold Because….


The NCAA Basketball Series during Spring time are probably the best sporting event you can follow prior the Summer Soccer World Cup in Brazil this year. The tournaments are dubbed “March Madness” and all the media worldwide embraces the cool nickname.

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Twitter

Although it’s really cool to follow the college basketball championship sometimes some negative situations may arise. It’s really easy for your fanhood allegiance to get you in real trouble when it comes down to marriage. Take a look what this wife did to her husband who decided to support the “wrong” team. She was an avid fan of the Mercer Bears who were able to shock the world and defeat Duke. But her husband who is a fan of the Tennessee Volunteers  supported and cheered for Duke. He eventually had to pay the ultimate price and sleep outside in the cold wintery night. Poor guy. Hopefully next time he will be more considerate when it comes down to fanhood allegiances and rooting against your spouse.


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