Did You Know That A Mexican Jewelry Store Has Been Raided By A Gang Of Zombies During…


Dia de los Muertos, also known as the Day of the Dead, is a frightening holiday in Mexico. It has little in common with the popular Halloween holiday and can be quite terrifying. Mexicans dress up and put makeup on, gather in family groups or in carnivals and celebrate or pray for the lost souls. The most popular figure on Day of the Dead celebrations is a grotesque skeleton.


During this year’s celebration, a jewelry store in Mexico was raided by a gang of robbers dressed up as zombies. According to reports the thieves were wearing costumes and used hammers to smash the display windows and steal jewelry which was evaluated to cost more than $75,000. The store’s staff was terrified by the robbers but couldn’t stop the armed criminals. They were able to escape without being caught since the streets of Mexico were already swarming with other skeletons and zombies.


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