Did You Know That A Millionaire Uses His Wealth And Dresses Up As Batman To….


In March last year the police officers patrolling the roads in the state of Maryland pulled over what is believed to be a unique Batmobile with a real-life disguised Dark Knight behind the wheel.

The enforcement officers were shocked after they pulled over a Lamborghini on interstate 29 in Montgomery, Maryland just nearby Washington, DC. The vehicle got noticed and stopped because it had the Batman signature symbol for license plates. When the officers decided to talk to the driver they were stunned to see that it was indeed the real-life version of Batman himself.

As it turns out it was a man named Lenny Robinson who was driving Bruce Wayne’s favorite sports car. The 48-year-old self-made businessman and a millionaire decided he was not quite happy with his already big life achievements and wanted to contribute more to his community. Therefore he started visiting various hospitals dressed up as Batman. His main goal is to spread joy among sick children and hand out T-shirts, bracelets and toys.


Robinson shared that he began dressing up as Batman back in 2001 for his then baby son Brandon. Soon after Robinson witnessed the joy in his son’s eyes when the masked defender of Gotham city appeared, it became his obsession to make smile as many children as possible.


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