Did You Know That A Mom Publicly Exposed Her Daughter As A Cyber Bully And Made Her……


Bullying is a form of abuse and harassment that, sadly, is still present in many people’s lives making them a misery. It’s a negative phenomenon widely spread in practically all institutions of the education system in every country worldwide. Since we live in the digital age bullying became also quite popular among teenagers who can’t get enough of the use of social media. Using information technologies to harass other schoolmates in a hostile way is a severe offense which could be punished by law.

Picture: Facebook
Picture: Facebook

However, Cara Schneider, a mother of a teenage daughter, decided to school her child in a different way. When Mrs. Schneider caught her daughter repeatedly abusing her fellow classmates on Facebook she decided to punish her. After grounding the teenage girl and cutting her allowance did not work, she took a different approach. Mrs. Schneider made her daughter sell her iPod and exposed her on social media as a cyber bully. Although the punishment is controversial Mrs. Schneider does not regret her actions and claims it’s for the best of her child. The money raised by selling the iPod will be donated to a charity that fights against bullying called “Beat Bullying”.


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