Did You Know That A Mother Gave Birth On A Tree To…


Carolina Chirindza from Mozambique was 9 months pregnant when her native town of Chibure experienced widespread flooding. As a result the whole area was turned into a crocodile infested lake. There was nothing else for Chirindza to do in order to escape the crocodiles but climb up in a tree and so she did. However, she didn’t expect she had to stay in the tree for a whole four days before she was rescued. What is more, Chirindza gave birth to her baby daughter on the last day, probably due to the stress she had been experiencing.



Luckily, both the mother and her baby were rescued by a South African helicopter not long after the baby was born. Amazingly, the baby not only survived but according to doctors was doing quite well. Chirindza has named her daughter Rosita and is very grateful to everyone who had helped her including several charity organizations. However, the mother shares she still has nightmares about being stuck in a tree with the crocodiles underneath.


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