Did you know that a mother injected her 8 year old daughter’s face with Botox to prevent..


Sheena Upton, which is also known by the name Kerry Campbell, is being an awful parent to her young daughter, to say the least.


Kerry has been injecting her little daughter with Botox in order to smooth out her naturally smooth skin. According to the mother, she’s been doing the painful procedures with injections she’s been buying online. In her own words, she’s been bringing Hell upon her daughter so that the girl can become a super-star later in life thanks to having a smooth baby-face from an early age. Kerry believes she’s doing what’s best for her kid so she can become a famous singer, actress or a celebrity and that she’ll be thanking her mother later. On top of all, Britney, the little girl, told the media that she and her friends think all the procedures are super cool. The girl admitted she’s been crying from the beginning, but with time the pain has lowered.


Soon after the story landed on the Internet Child Protective Services took Britney away from her irresponsible and crazy mother.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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