Did you know that a mother left her two young children at the parking lot in order to attend Lil


Lil Wayne has such power over his fans that he’s making them forget about their extremely important duties – such as child care.



Earlier this year the rap singer performed at a gig in West Palm Beach, Florida. One of his fans, the 25 year old Brittany Harris, wanted to go to the concert at all costs. And so she did, albeit it cost her children and her freedom. The 25 year old mother left her two youngsters aged 3 and 5 at her car in the parking lot and hurried of to see the rapper’s live performance. Approximately 3 hours after the concert’s opening, an unnamed person saw the two kids roaming around the parking lot without an adult. They quickly spilled out the truth. After Harris returned to the parking lot, the police was waiting for her.


The woman was arrested and jailed for child neglect at $20,000 bond. The two children are under the Department of Families and Children’s custody.


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