Did you know that a mother of two was fined because she didn't include…


Preparing a good meal for your children is essential for their mood, learning abilities and health. However, it seems that the good lunch meal for children in Manitoba, Canada, is of such extreme importance that a school has fined a mother because she didn’t include any crackers in her children’s lunch.


Kristen Bartkiw, a mother of two children, was fined $10 in 2012 because the Manitoba government is too concerned about children’s lunch. According to a child care organization children should be fed with grains in order to have a healthy lunch. Thus, the school that Kristen’s kids attend has charged her for her “negligence”. The mother managed to convince authorities that potatoes were good enough to replace Ritz Crackers as grains and didn’t have to pay the fee.
According to the child care organization, a child’s lunch should be consisted of milk, meat, grains and fruits or vegetables in order to pass for a healthy and sufficient meal.


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