Did you know that a mother sent her adopted son back to Russia because….


It’s normal for young children to behave irrationally whenever they are denied something they really want – like a video game, for example. But it’s not normal for their parents to send them back to where they came from.


In late September 2009 Torry Ann Hansen, a nurse from Tennessee, adopted a Russian boy and took him in as her own child. However, she couldn’t cope with him and thought he had mental problems. According to the mother and to the grandmother, the boy had been acting aggressively and had been abusing and threatening everybody around him whenever he would be denied something. Scared for her family and friends, the mother bought a one-way ticket and put the boy on a plane to Russia, accompanied only by a note, food and crayons. The note was meant for the Russian orphanage and said that Torry couldn’t continue living with the boy and that she wanted to disannul the adoption.


On top of all, Torry paid an unknown Internet user $200 so he could pick up the boy and take him to the orphanage.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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