Did You Know That A Mum Married Her Stalker After ….


Keren Scott met Martin in Blackpool, UK back in 1997 at a mutual friend’s birthday party. They soon fell in love after a couple of dates. Despite the fact they lived in cities 100 miles apart they kept in touch as much as they could.

After a few years of long distance relationship the couple got engaged in 2002 and had a little baby daughter named Katie in 2003.  Although everything was working out very well between the two of them, Martin was still living separately in another city and refusing to move in with his new family. His behavior suddenly changed in a negative way and Keren was forced to end the relationship as Martin had obviously lost interest in her and their daughter.


Soon after Keren broke up with Martin, he began stalking her. She used to jump at every small noise around the house obsessing that someone might attack her by surprise. Martin used to send her over 50 text messages a day often filled with mean threats against her and their daughter.


Keren was so scared due to the constant harassment that she was forced to call the authorities and move out of her home. It wasn’t until Keren and Katie moved to another city when Martin’s abusive behavior suddenly came to an end. He had felt that he was causing too much pain to the woman he presumably loved and had a change of heart.

Finally, Keren’s fear and negative emotions began to subside after her former fiance stopped threatening her. Martin called her and asked to see his daughter. Then Keren decided to forgive her former partner and give him another chance to prove that he was not a threat to her and their child. Eventually, after a couple of months of seeing each other as friends they began to date again and their love for one another became a fact. Against the advice of her family and friends, Keren got married to her former stalker and now the happy couple lives together as a family.


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