Did You Know That A Mysterious Real-Life Robin Hood Is Leaving Envelopes Of….


Sometimes stories that are just too good to be true pop up in the real world. For example, there is this peculiar case in the town of Braunschweig, Germany in which numerous mysterious envelopes stuffed with large amounts of cash began to appear.

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The lucky beneficiaries of these envelopes, sometimes packed with huge amounts like $13,000, were mainly local institutions that ranged from museums to hospitals to soup kitchens. The citizens of the town were left enthralled by this anonymous act of kindness and support for the needy.

Regardless of the fact no one is actually complaining about discovering an unmarked envelope of cash, the public is wondering who this mysterious kind-hearted donor could be. So far no one has stepped forward to claim the honor of his Robin Hood-like charitable actions.


Michael Knobel who works at the Braunschweig Hospice shared his theory about the mysterious donor’s identity. According to Knobel, who also received an envelope full of cash, this person could be either someone on their dying bed who has no immediate relatives or simply someone with a heart of gold.


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