Did you know that A new documentary about Michael Jackson and an album will be released in…


Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall album will get released this February alongside a new documentary.


Michael Jackson’s former label, Epic, has already released two posthumous albums after the death of the late King of Pop. The first one, Michael, was released in 2010. It’s the 11th studio album of the legendary singer and dancer and it went Gold in Australia and New Zealand and became Platinum in the US, UK and Canada. The second post-mortem album Epic released was Xscape from 2014. It went Gold in the US, UK and Canada and scored number one at various music charts all over the world.


And now Epic will release a new album once again on the 26th of February. The album is actually a re-release of the original recording Off The Wall from 1979. The piece will also feature a documentary, which will be entitled Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off the Wall. The entire album alongside the documentary will be released on CD/DVD and CD/Blu Ray. The documentary will premiere before the official release of the album and fans of the late King of Pop will have the chance to see it during its screening on the 24th of January this year at the Sundance Film Festival.

The original recording of Off the Wall was done in 1979 when Jackson was only 20 years old. The album is fifth studio album Jackson recorded and it had a ground-breaking role in the forming of modern day R ‘n’ B and its crossover with pop music. The international success, which Jackson achieved through the album, marks it as iconic in the music industry. Sony Records (the parenting group of Epic) have chosen to release it in February, since it is the Black History Month is celebrated in February in the US and Canada.


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