Did you know that a new Kurt Cobain album is coming…


With the imminent release of a documentary ‘Montage of Heck’ which is all about Kurt Cobain, it’s said to be certainly one to watch! Especially since it’s been used to release his up and coming new album this summer!

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The documentary is meant to be one of the best out there and in details shows many aspects of his life including his artwork as well as journals, which comes together fantastically to show his amazing life. Whilst he is in front of his masses of fans at one moment, another is him a much more conservative conversation. It’s said that this is very intimate which gives you a real sense of Kurt Cobain.

All of this, has helped to collate his tapes, recordings he did at home, as well as other material, to bring us all the Kurt Cobain album over this coming summer. It’s not going to be what many expect though, and much like the documentary, will bring you intimately together.

It’s going to really surprise people.


It took the director of the documentary, Morgen, many years to be able to get access to Cobain’s storage, and the results will really show when the album is released, and Morgen has said that it was well worth the legal battles, and the wait.

Not everyone will be too pleased about this however, as some people will stick by that it is unethical, or wrong to put together an artist’s work after they have passed, but this is sure to be a massive hit. It’s also not clear on whether people think Cobain would’ve approved of such a release, but with a new released of the Beatles classic, ‘And I Love Her’ just coming on to the web, if that’s anything to go by, then this album is going to be fantastic.


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