Did You Know That A New Law Would Ban Children From Finishing School Unless Their Parents….


Keeping children in school should be a priority for every state but New York is planning to start applying some drastic measures. Apparently, parents would be required to take four different classes in order for their children to complete six grade.


The new bill would make parenting classes on topics such as bullying and suicide, emotional and physical abuse mandatory for all parents. Even though the discussed topics are very serious and it is important for every responsible parent to be aware on these subjects, the bill has been widely criticized. Most parents’ main concern is that it would be extremely hard to handle attending all the classes, having a full time job and still taking proper care of your children. If parents fail to attend all the classes, the bill threatens to ban their children from seventh grade. Considering that the main aim of the bill is children’s well-being, holding them back in school would do anything but help them.


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