Did you know that a New Zealand woman launched her….


Break ups are hard, divorces are even harder. Things such as wedding dresses, rings and presents remind you of your gloomy past and you wish you could send them as far away as possible.


Rebecca Gibbs recently divorced her husband Stephen Page and returned to New Zealand after she moved out from their home in the UK. She got rid of the two most painful objects from her past life with her ex – the wedding dress and the ring. However, getting rid of the ring wasn’t easy. Rebecca couldn’t wrap her head around how exactly to get rid of it, until her present boyfriend’s brother came to the rescue. Mr. Snowdon’s brother, who’s a rocket scientist, gave her an incredible idea – to send the ring far, far away. And so she did. With the help of a homemade rocket, Rebecca launched her wedding ring into space, filming the whole procedure. She uploaded the video on the Internet and her Facebook page, although YouTube eventually removed it.


Rebecca told the media that her decision was a liberating and positive step forward.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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