Did you know that a newlywed bride got arrested for biting the groom during…


Weddings are crazy. You may think that wedding planning is the most stressful thing when it comes to marriage, but the ceremony itself can also become pretty chaotic at some point. And in this case, things got out of hand when the two honored guests got into a fight.


A couple from Richland, Washington, married earlier this month. Things were going great for the two newlyweds till the end of the ceremony, when they got into a fight. The clash of interest took place at the Red Lion hotel just after the wedding ceremony when the bride got so furious at her husband that she bit him. The 40 year old woman was arrested and thrown in jail, where she probably spent her first night as a newlywed bride. However, reports state that her 31 year old groom refused to step aside and stood next to his irritated wife, refusing to give statements. Allegedly, he also refused to let the police photograph his bite mark.


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