Did you know that A news reporter nearly got hit by a car live on…


A San Francisco-based news reporter nearly got hit by a speeding car while he was doing a broadcast on live TV.

Image Source: FACEBOOK Screenshot
Image Source: FACEBOOK Screenshot

Alex Savidge, a news reporter from San Francisco, California, US, was doing his job when he got a huge fright on air during his own broadcast.

Alex, who is working as a reporter for KTVU, was out on the field with his cameraman Chip Vaughn. The two men were doing a broadcast on the reports of a derailed train and while Alex was reporting the case and delivering the news on live TV a white Toyota Corolla car appeared just out of nowhere and nearly hit the news anchor. Fortunately for Alex, his cameraman was quick enough to warn him for the approaching vehicle. The video showing the near-incident portrays how Alex jumped out of the nearing car’s way almost at the last second before the possible collision could happen. The white vehicle nearly struck the reporter as can be seen in the video and if he had jumped in the wrong direction, the case could have ended truly fatally for him.


Fortunately, Alex and his cameraman weren’t hurt in the accident. The car can be seen hitting another grey vehicle in the video. The second vehicle lacked any passengers. Shortly after the near-accident Alex Savidge uploaded a video of himself on his Facebook page to show his friends and family that he was fine after the video of the speeding car was leaked online. The news reporter explained that even though he was physically in good condition, he was still frightened by the dangerous experience. The man thanked his camera guy for the good timing of his warning and also appeared on a special broadcast on KTVU regarding the incident.

Check out the video HERE!


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