Did you know that A nine year old boy managed to fight off a gigantic…


A nine year old kid from Florida managed to fight off a deadly alligator that could have cost him his life. And he’s acting like it wasn’t a big deal.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

James Barney Jr. made headlines earlier this August thanks to the near death experience he had with a gigantic alligator. The boy was riding his bicycle near Lake Tohopekaliga, Florida, when he decided to go for a quick swim in the restricted area near the lake. Unfortunately, the boy was attacked from behind by a 182kg alligator that almost managed to sink him underwater. The brave kid started punching the giant creature until it finally let go. Shortly after the kid swam towards the shore some passers-by heard his cries for help and got him out of the water.


James was accepted at the Arnold Palmer hospital and he acted like the fight was no big deal when the media came in to see him for an interview. Fortunately, he didn’t receive any serious injuries and he’s positive that he’ll never go back in that lake again.  


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