Did you know that a Norwegian farmer lost his engagemen…


35 years ago a Norwegian farmer named Jan Kristian Kristiansen and his soon to be bride were doing field work. The man’s hands became slippery because of the fertilizer they were using and his engagement band slipped from his finger. By the time the man realized the ring had fallen it was already buried in the field.

source: private
source: private

Nowadays Kristiansen and his wife Britt are about to celebrate their jade anniversary. They had completely forgotten about the lost ring up until this May, when, 25 years after Kristiansen lost his ring, a group of archeologists found it 15cm under the ground. After they washed it up, the engraving “Your Britt” emerged and the ring shone with its original golden brilliance. Kristiansen took back the ring and now he wears two similar engagement rings on his finger.


He told the media that back in the day Britt joked about the situation, telling him that his ring would make an interesting archeological find 100 years in the future. Well, 35 might not be 100, but they’re still a sensation.


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