Did You Know That A Pamela Anderson Obsessed Woman Has Spent $33,000 On ….


A British 29-year-old woman named Carolyn Anderson is a real-life copycat of bombshell Pamela Anderson or at least she claims to be. The British version of Pamela is obsessed with her idol and has wanted to become just like her since she was 21. It was then when she had her first plastic surgery operation and her transformation began.

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When Carolyn turned 29 she had already submitted herself to 19 plastic surgeries worth nearly $33,000. She has had practically every known procedure done by plastic surgeons. Carolyn also has Botox, lip fillers and teeth whitening on a regular basis. Her hair is dyed blonde and she has hair extensions. Carolyn has even legally changed her last name to Anderson. Luckily for Carolyn, her father runs a beauty salon business and she receives most of the procedures for free.


Carolyn Anderson is featured in the British Channel 5 TV Show “200 Nips & Tucks And I Want More!” and she hopes her appearance will propel her father’s business as well as her career as a dancer-model.


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