Did you know that A parking meter official got busted stealing $90,000 in quarters, because …


Most of us will have our jobs, which whether we like them massively or not, give us some money. Some will be better paid than others, but if working in a company which follows the laws of minimum wage, then theoretically we should have enough money to keep on with our lives.

Image Source: Westchester Police Department
Image Source: Westchester Police Department

However, we all wish for that little bit extra to treat ourselves with, and we scrimp and save to keep those extra few quarters. But a parking officer in North Salem did a little bit more than just save those few quarters.

Jeffrey Daday was recently told he would 30 days in a county jail, along with five years probation, as well as paying back every quarter he stole. Having stolen $90,893.72, that’d be about 23,000 quarters over the 5 years he was stealing from the parking meters. It is estimated he took from $190 – $600 every week from the parking meters.

Jeffrey Daday pleaded guilty in court to second degree grand larceny and first degree of offering false instruments for filing.

This massive theft occurred between 2009 and 2014 and he would deposit the coins into his bank account, which was in his village. This eventually made staff at the bank to be suspicious which then led them to alerting authorities. The accusation was that whilst still wearing his parking officer uniform, he would deposit large amounts of coins into his own account.


When the police would survey Daday, they could witness him taking the coins from the parking meters from a number of different meters, and putting them into his pocket.

He has now also resigned from his job. There was no evidence of previous criminal convictions.

I would hope that if I was to do this, I wouldn’t deposit lots of coins, whilst still wearing my work uniform. Maybe that’s something bank staff should be looking out for, although, the government already rip us off on parking charges.


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