Did You Know That A Partially Paralyzed Woman Was Able To Complete The London Marathon By Using….


After suffering a tragic horse riding accident, Claire Lomas, aged 32 was left paralyzed from the chest down. The mother of one recovered to the best of her abilities from the injuries and last year decided to tackle an enormously difficult challenge.


She had successfully finished the 26 mile London marathon in 16 days by walking nearly 2 miles per day with the aid of a bionic suit. Ultimately, Claire became the first person to ever finish any marathon with the help of a bionic ReWalk suit.

The ReWalk suit is the creation of Amit Goffer, a businessman and entrepreneur. The suit itself enables disabled people to have the opportunity to stand on their feet, marsh around and climb stairs. The suit works by using motion sensor detectors and a built in computer system. The suit costs nearly $70,000.


All in all, Claire was able to raise $110,000 for Spinal Research which is a global charity foundation that funds new medical practices and reliable new treatments for paralysis.


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