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Did You Know That A Passenger Tried To Jump Out Of A Commercial Plane's …


Just some time ago a man named Joshua Carl Lee Suggs born and raised in Sacramento, California decided to give other people the scare of a lifetime. He was on board of an airplane of Southwest Airlines which departed from Chicago and was heading to Sacramento.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

In the middle of the flight Mr. Suggs decided to begin acting really weird. According to the testimony of other passengers Suggs went to the restroom and exited absolutely soaking wet. He then decided to attempt opening the emergency exit door located in the back of the plane. When other passengers saw his dangerous attempt and heard the screams of one of the flight attendants they were absolutely horrified.


Luckily Suggs was unsuccessful at opening the emergency lock because he was tackled by an anonymous passenger who saved the day. Although the flight was diverted for an emergency landing to escort Mr.Suggs out, everyone reached their final destination safely.


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