Did you know that A pensioner got fined for crossing a…


An unnamed Italian pensioner was recently fined $50 for crossing a street too slowly.

Image Source: FLICKR
Image Source: FLICKR

According to official reports, an unnamed 85 year old man in Pinerolo, Italy, was punished for not being able to cross the street quickly enough. The pensioner was limping and his slow gait meant that he was still on the road when the light changed. He was subsequently fined by a police officer. The pensioner didn’t make a fuss and paid the $50, but his case stirred quite the uproar among the Italian media. Once Eugenio Buttiero, the mayor of Pinerolo, heard the story, he took matters into his own hands. He stated that he wasn’t able to speak to the officer that fined the pensioner. However, he promised to visit the 85 year old man’s home and to refund him.
The reports also claim that many citizens of Pinerolo have expressed complaints regarding the traffic lights changing too swiftly, making crossing in safety nearly impossible for pedestrians.


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