Did you know that a phantom car was spotted crashing…


On a December night in 2002 the police station in Surrey, UK received numerous calls from witnesses to an alleged car accident. The witnesses reported that they had seen the blazing headlights of a car that veered off from one of the the busiest A3 highways running through the city of Burpham.

After the police officers went to the scene of the incident they were baffled because they couldn’t find any signs of road accidents, nor any car wreckage whatsoever. Instead, after a more thorough search in the wilderness that surrounded the road, the policemen made a shocking discovery.

Please note that the car is just an example and it is NOT the actual car from the story.

They have found a Vauxhall Astra automobile that was completely destroyed. The car was also entangled deep in the ditch in a lot of small trees and undergrowth. It was completely invisible from the top of the road. More shockingly, the police also discovered a badly decomposed body about 65 feet away from the wrecked vehicle.


After a thorough investigation of the whole scene, the detectives were able to match the dental records to a 21-year-old man from Isleworth, a nearby town. To make the case even more bizarre the man’s brother had reported him missing nearly 5 months ago. The victim was last seen drinking in a bar in London in July that same year.

The witnesses that claimed to have seen the car drive off the road were left astonished by the discovery. Some of them are still wondering whether they have seen a ghostly replay of the whole car incident.


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