Did You Know That A Pilot Repaired His Plane With Duct Tape And Flew Off After It Was …


It looks like there is practically no object designed by a human being that could not be repaired with the simple use of duct tape. Geeks have been using the duct tape to stick all sorts of broken things back together with great success since the early dawn of its creation. The sticky duct tape has been used to mount a hard drives, water-proof video cameras and even making ice-skates. But nothing could compare to fixing a whole airplane with duct tape and making it fly perfectly fine.

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This seemingly unbelievable story unfolded in the Alaskan wilderness where a fisherman flew with his small single-engine aircraft. Unfortunately, when the man went fishing he left some food as well as fishing bait inside the plane. It was a huge mistake considering the fact bears populate the Alaskan wilderness in a great number.

When the fisherman returned to his plane he discovered it was completely vandalized, savaged and torn into shreds after suffering a devastating attack from a hungry bear. There was no doubt that a bear had mauled the poor fisherman’s plane. But the man was ingenious. He called one of his buddies to come over at his location with another airplane. He told his friend to bring new tires, a few plastic sheets and at least three cases of duct tape.

The inventive fisherman used all the materials and repaired his airplane just by duct taping the whole body of the machine back together. The unbelievable way of repairing was tested some time ago in an episode of The Mythbusters show on Discovery channel and the myth of the duct tape plane turned out to be plausible.





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