Did you know that A police offer was reprimanded after he posed for a photo with…


A police officer from Texas was reprimanded for posing next to Snoop Dogg for a photo.

Image Source:  SnoopDogg / INSTAGRAM
Image Source: SnoopDogg / INSTAGRAM

A Texan trooper from the Department of Public Safety made worldwide headlines this April after he got reprimanded for posing for a photograph with Snoop Dogg. The rapper spotted DPS trooper Billy Spears when the latter was working at a music festival in Austin, Texas, and asked to take a picture with him. Billy, completely oblivious to the nasty consequences that would follow the picture, agreed and let the rapper’s publicist snap a picture of the two men. Snoop Dogg later uploaded the snapshot to his Instagram and it went viral. Billy’s supervisors from DPS came across the photograph and reprimanded him.

As it turned out, the officer’s supervisors thought that the photograph ruined the image and authority DPS has been building so far, because of Snoop Dogg’s infamous past with drug abuse and multiple arrests. Billy tried to explain that he had absolutely no idea about the rapper’s criminal past, but his supervisors didn’t buy it and still reprimanded him.


Now the offended trooper has hired and lawyer and is trying to plead the officials’ decision. His lawyer, Ty Clevenger, claims that the reprimand will go into Billy’s record and that the supervisors have to lift it in order not to damage the officer’s career. He’s also trying to find a way to make the officials change their mind about the obligatory counseling Billy has to go through.

According to a spokesperson for DPS, the Department of Public Safety doesn’t usually discuss any personnel issues with the press, but the troopers’ actions allegedly have threatened the whole department by undermining its authority. Thus, DPS have decided to take disciplinary action against Billy, even though the officer and his lawyer claim he had no idea of Snoop Dogg’s criminal past and drug abuse.


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